Privacy Policy

Collection of your Personal Information

We collect personally identifiable information, such as your name, your family, and your birthdates. This information is collected in order to address you and to provide a more tailored experience. This information is not sold or distributed in bulk to any other company.

We will also collect demographic information that is used in an anonymous fashion, such as your age, gender, and location. This information may potentially be sold or distributed, but will not contain your personally identifiable information (though this is not our typical business line).

Use and Sharing of your Personal Information

We do not sell, license, or otherwise rent or distribute customer lists. We consider our customer list to be important to us, and we will not grant anyone wholesale access to this information.

On occassion we may choose to distill this information, and provide high level information, such as demographic reports, to other companies or partners. Personally identifiable information will not be included in such reports, as it will generally be tailored to a geographical level in nature (versus a personal level).

In order to allow our partners to improve upon their services, identify popular services, and otherwise monitor their value to the community, we will allow strategic partners to have access to some general visitor information (number of visits, frequent customers, etc) but only for the purposes of improving their customer relations. They are otherwise not permitted to use this information that violates our privacy policy.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies in order to allow for user sessions to occur. These sessions allow us to ensure that the current user is logged in and authorized, as well as being able to keep track of the general area (city) that a user is from so that we can customize the information displayed appropriately.

Security of your Personal Information

We secure user accounts from unauthorized access by requesting strict passwords, and occassionally requesting that users change their passwords. Whenever possible we try to use SSL connections to protect information that should be secured.

Children Under Thirteen

We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under thirteen years of age. We do allow any age to use our site, but users under the age of thirteen must have their parent or guardian's consent to do so.

Opt-Out Unsubscribe

As users of other services ourselves, we consciously understand the desire to occassionally opt-out of announcements and newsletters. We respect that, and any users who wish to do this can contact us at:

Changes to this Statement

We will, on occassion, update this Privacy Policy to reflect the needs of users, customers, and the company. We encourage you to review this on a regular basis so that our disclosures are clear and agreeable to you.

Contact Information

We want to be as transparent as possible, and we encourage you to send in your questions or comments in relation to this Privacy Policy. If you feel that we haven't stuck to our policy, please contact Mused.