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General Information


The Mused App and Mused Platform exist to educate consumers about incredible heritage, historical and cultural resources all around them geographically. The mobile apps are intended to be fun user experiences, making these places more accessible and exciting, and encourages repeated patronage by regular and new market consumers. Our mission is to help people discover great museums, and help museums discover new markets of patrons to keep their doors open and exhibits growing.


The Mused Platform is a modern scalable centralized data and social museum platform that aggregates museum data using a human process to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy. With partnerships, this data is augmented using regular import and merge processes to keep things up to date and perform joint initiatives. Informational content consists of locational, pricing, hours, social links, blog articles, museum apps, exhibits, and official photos. Generated content consists of tips, ratings, reviews, comments, photos, user timelines & profiles, checkins, and community interactions.

Built on the Mused Platform, the Mused App makes it convenient for consumers to find museums, historical buildings, zoos, gardens, and weird/odd activities nearby. It is intended for consumers / end users, and is ideal for use by museum fans, "mommy groups", business travelers and tourists to new locations. Initial content focus is the USA, but the rest of the world will follow on a schedule throughout the year. It will be free to consumers starting in 2015 once the new version is released.

At a later date, the Mused Platform will offer an API for integration into third-party sites and applications, interactive exhibits via the use of Bluetooth beacons, and premium subscriptions (for museums) giving access to advanced functionality on the platform (such as reporting, marketing, advertising, exhibit and beacon management, custom user badges and awards).

Mentions and Appearances


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These captions best represent the Mused App and Platform. Use them if you wish.

Mused App (known publicly as "Mused")
  • Find great museums anywhere.
  • Mused can help you find nearby museums, heritage and historical locations, or a quirky pinball collection.
  • Hidden history revealed.
Mused Platform
  • Mused's basic museum listing ensures general discoverability by consumers and is free.
  • Partners of the Mused Platform see museum visitor trend growth.
  • Centralized exhibit and event schedules for small museum organizations.
  • Reach a new market of consumers by contributing and fortifying your museum information.

Press Kit

The press kit contains logos, a summary of the app & the platform, images, and other material that you may use for your agency article, blog article, broadcast, or other publication.

We do not require attribution, but a link to the Mused website and a brief synopsis is always appreciated. We would like to be notified of appearances whenever possible, including a link or copy of the publication appearance (and we will link back to that).

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Updated on January 3rd, 2015