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Thumbnail of Sea Bear Crest Hat, Ca. 1870, Haida. Thumbnail of Wayampajarti, 2001, Mawukura Jimmy Nerrimah. Thumbnail of Woman Landing on Man in the Moon, 1971, Ann Leda Shapiro. Thumbnail of The Artist's Sister at a Window, 1869, Berthe Morisot. Thumbnail of Madame Money and her Son, 1874, Auguste Renoir. Thumbnail of Manuscript, 1963, Robert Rauschenberg. Thumbnail of Red Stripe Kitchen, 1967-72, Martha Rosler. Thumbnail of Sakí (headdress frontlet), ca. 1870, Albert Edward Edenshaw. Thumbnail of Chuck Taylor, 2015, Brenna Youngblood. Thumbnail of Picking Flowers, 1875, Auguste Renoir. Thumbnail of George Moore in the Artist's Garden, CA. 1879, Edouard Manet. Thumbnail of Audience of a Prince. Thumbnail of Pink Macchia Single, 1986, Dale Chihuly. Thumbnail of Fishing Boats at Étretat, 1885, Claude Monet. Thumbnail of Mondlicht, 1925, Alexei von Jawlensky. Thumbnail of Keeled Project, Dining Room, Scene #2, 2003, Eric Fischl. Thumbnail of Argenteuil, CA. 1872, Claude Monet. Thumbnail of Beach Scene at Trouville, 1863, Eugène Boudin. Thumbnail of Gallery of the Louvre, 1831-33, Samuel F. B. Morse. Thumbnail of Item from Light and Space Thumbnail of Flower Beds in Holland, CA. 1883, Vincent Van Gogh. Thumbnail of Beat the Drum, 2015, Jack Daws. Thumbnail of Urinal, 1984, Robert Gober.
As of June 2008, the SAM collection includes nearly 25,000 pieces, which still falls far short of the 40,000 in the Portland Art Museum, Seattle's rival to the south. Among them are Alexander Calder's Eagle (1971) and Richard Serra's Wake (2004), both at the Olympic Sculpture Park; the aforementioned Hammering Man; Cai Guo-Qiang's Inopportune: Stage One (2004), a sculpture constructed from cars and sequenced multi-channel light tubes on display in the lobby of the SAM Downtown; The Judgment of Paris (c. 1516-18) by Lucas Cranach the Elder; Mark Tobey's Electric Night (1944); Yéil X'eenh (Raven Screen) (c. 1810), attributed to the Tlingit artist Kadyisdu.axch'; Do-Ho Suh's Some/One (2001); and a coffin in the shape of a Mercedes Benz (1991) by Kane Quaye of Ghana. While SAM's collections of modern and ethnic art are notable, its collection of more-traditional European painting and sculpture is quite thin, and the Museum relies on traveling exhibitions rather than its own collection to fill that notable gap. Nevertheless, there are early Italian paintings by Dalmasio Scannabecchi, Puccio di Simone, Giovanni di Paolo, Luca Di Tomme, Bartolomeo Vivarini, and Paolo Uccello. There are paintings by V. Sellaer, Jan Molenaer, Emanuel De Witte, Luca Giordano, Luca Carlevaris, Armand Guillaumin, and Camille Pissarro.

This museum also has a large collection of Twentieth Century American paintings by Jacob Lawrence and Mark Tobey. There is an appreciable collection of Aboriginal Australian Art.
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