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10 Church St SE Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
44.977689, -93.232608
The Bell Museum's building is almost totally obscured with ivy in the summer. Behind the green exterior, guarded by bronze wolves and moose, are the Bell Museum's collections of stuffed and mounted animals. The animals are all species from the upper Midwest, including deer, moose, swans, beavers, cranes, hares, loons and ducks.

The dioramas were constructed in the early 20th century, before current attitudes to animal welfare and hunting for display.

Each animal is presented in a diorama with a detailed painted background and authentic surroundings. Several large dioramas replicate different habitats from across Minnesota, encompassing prairie, great lakes and big woods. The animals fill two floors of the museum.

After the diorama halls, at the back of the museum, is a living rainforest. The rainforest contains many rare and interesting tropical plant species. It's a surprising contrast to the dimly-lit animal galleries.

Behind the jungle is a temporary exhibition space on the first floor, and the interactive Touch and See gallery on the second floor.
The Touch and See room is filled with wonderful objects from the natural world and everything is to touch, feel and explore. Giant shells, bones, sparkling rocks, woolly mammoth tusks, antlers and furs can all be picked up, stroked and played with. Stuffed beavers, bears, and wolves can be petted. The displays are very harmonious - a beaver is displayed next to a tree he may have gnawed down - to give children a sense of how the natural world is interconnected.

Several live animals, such as frogs, snakes and insects live in the Touch and See room.

The Touch and See room is incredibly child-friendly and welcoming. All the objects are displayed at child-height, large beanbags encourage lounging and friendly staff are there to answer questions, and help children meet the live animals.
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