The Mission

Our mission with Mused is to get people out and visiting museums all over the world. Museums of all sizes have an ability to inspire, nurture the mind, and educate; and there are no shortage of museums! To some, museums are simply warehouses of art with a silent environment, but we know them to offer so much more. There's a little out there for everyone -- scratch that, there's a lot out there for everyone, and we're going to show you how to find it. Whether it's a historic house, a friendly zoo, or a rose garden, our concept of the museum pushes the envelope on the traditional definition.

There are a lot of museums that are neglected... receiving only a small amount of government funding (if any at all), supported by local patrons and passionate estate contributors. Many only receive a few visitors a day because the local communities are not heavily involved, aren't aware of the awesome offerings, and visitors to the area have even less of an idea that it is there. And that saddens us, because we think all museums are worth a gander.

While it's true that the smaller, less traveled museums have smaller marketing budgets and thus a greater need of support, the larger museums have more intricate, developed offerings that should simply not be missed either. That's why our mission includes museums of all sizes and statures.

Our strategy is to help people discover these gems whereever they may be located in the world by engaging consumers in a fun but informative way. We have some great ideas in the works to connect new visitors with museums in ways that buck the traditional marketing efforts.

We're starting with an emphasis on the United States of America. Later we will expand all over the world so that these fantastic places to visit are available to all.



Kevin Elliott

Founder & CEO

Kevin always enjoyed going to museums, but his passion for museums really ignited when he visited Paris, France for the first time. In Paris, as is in the rest of Europe, history is around every corner. Seemingly every other building has a plaque on it telling you some interest fact about a famous person who lived in it.

When his first child was born in 2008, his ability to travel and explore museums became suddenly reduced, and his quest to find family friendly museums began to grow. At first this was not an easy task, because they were not readily available online, and it wasn't that easy to find places that were benefitial to the whole family.

After traditional museums were exhausted, his focus turned to odd and specialty museums. It soon became almost an obsession, and little museums in small towns in the middle of nowhere became alluring.

When the great recession hit, he noticed that museums all around were beginning to struggle, some even closing for good. More importantly, everyone around him began to tighten their wallets and struggle to find ways to enjoy themselves in their free time. It became obvious to him that he needed to find a way to save the museums and connect people to them, while simultaneously enriching the lives of everyone around him.

With a background in startups, software engineering, IT, and building products, he decided to share his findings with the world and create a community for museums and their fans by creating Mused.